White House Staff Politics

This afternoon, I’ve been reading updates from the various sites I’m subscribed to, and an image from one such post piqued my interest.

Photo apparently from Aj Lewis’ Facebook page, found on The Bilerico Project

Obama fist-bumping a White House janitor. It’s not a controversial picture; I can’t think of anything in particular that anyone could complain about in it.I know that when a president moves into the White House, they get to pick out furniture from previous presidencies, or they can buy some with a limited budget. My question is: Does each president get a new set of White House staff?

I would sincerely doubt that they completely replace the domestic staff every time a new president comes in. So, if you’ve been a janitor at the White House for 20 years, you have seen between three and six people hold the presidency (under normal circumstances, barring impeachment or death).

What if you work for one president who you agree with politically and possibly even like (maybe even talk to), and the next term a candidate of the opposing party gains the office? If you completely disagree with their politics, don’t like them because of their personal lives or opinions, basically if you didn’t vote for this person and are sore to see them in office, how does that work? Would most people suck it up and work their hardest for the next 4-8 years, or possibly do things (big or little) to piss off the president? Would most people quit and find a new job?

I can’t imagine working in close-contact with a hardcore conservative right-wing president. If their policies were pro-life, anti-gay, super-religious, misogynistic, pro-war… But what about the benefits? Someone working in the White House might not make a bunch of money, but it probably pays alright, and they probably have decent insurance. I don’t know if I’d be able to leave that security knowing that this person might not be in office in four years.


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