“Taboo” Polygamy

This morning, I was lazily watching TV on some random network. The show was about Revelations in the Bible and how it’s interpreted metaphorically and literally by different scholars. This post is not, however, related to the TV show, but one of the commercials played during the break.

The show is called “Taboo”. During the brief moment I was paying attention, I saw a blue cat-suit and a man saying he likes to dress up as a blue cat on the weekends. It’s kind of a shot at furries, of which I am not, so I wasn’t particularly offended so much as noticing that most people view being a furry as weird and “taboo”.

The next blip is of a man, woman, and another man walking hand-in-hand down a park sidewalk. The woman starts saying “I love both my husbands,” while the video changes to show the men smooching. Cut to the title of the program: TABOO.

I’m posting about this because of how people in the United States view polygamy. When I hear the word “polygamy” my first thought isn’t of some sixty-year-old man forcing a fifteen-year-old girl to become his fourth wife. I don’t think of Mormonism or Utah or rape.

Perhaps it’s the product of reading about healthy polygamous relationships, or perhaps it’s because I’ve known people who are in polygamous relationships, or in separate relationships with multiple people, but when I hear “polygamy” I honestly think of a relationship like any other, with more participants. As a matter of fact, I would consider myself polyamorous. If the right people came along and the right circumstances, I could be in a relationship like that. However, I’m in a monogamous relationship and quite happy.

In addition, showing the men kissing each other really seems like a ‘shock’ factor to me. They aren’t just sharing this woman, the men have affection for each other too! Woah! All that tells me is that all three people love each other in this relationship.

I understand that polygamy is not common, and therefore not “normal” to most folks. Being uncommon doesn’t make it the subject of jokes or ridicule. Polygamous relationships can be healthy and productive, as well as having the everyday difficulties that all relationships face.

Being gay, polygamous, or a furry, or any of these varying domestic practices doesn’t make anyone weird or subject to insult or violence. Every person’s lifestyle is to be respected. It really upsets me to see any of these lifestyles shown in a “Taboo” lighting, rather than an informative one.

**Update August 8th, 2013: I know this isn’t polygamy, technically it’s polyandry since there’s one woman and two men. It’s really ‘polyamory,’ which I know now. I’m not correcting it, just giving a note here.**


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