Hardware Issues

My computer has had a habitual tendency to suddenly show me a blue screen and attempt to restart. During the restart, it tells me that my CPU is over temperature. Yesterday, it did this multiple times, so I installed SpeedFan in the hopes that it would help me understand this problem. We were idling at about 59°C and when I started WoW on the news screen, it shot up to somewhere in the 80’s. Celsius. In a panic, I closed everything, shut down, and called the expert on these subjects: My dad.

After speaking with him and doing a little research on my own, I looked at my CPU’s fan and heatsink to find it COVERED in dust. So, I unplugged everything, took off the side and started to dismantle things. I used a combination of paper towel, finger, and toothbrush to get the fan clean and mostly a toothbrush to clean the heatsink itself.

This led to removing three of my four chassis fans for cleaning, and also the removal of my video card to clean its fan. My computer also has a 2 USB, speaker and microphone jack in the front. The black wire (the ground) was fried through where it plugs into the motherboard. Literally, I touched it and it fell apart. So, that has been removed, and most of my wiring has been moved WAY out of the way of the airflow.

I noted on my CPU that the thermal paste was all burnt away or burnt to the CPU. Unfortunately, this realization occurred at 8:30 p.m., well after stores were closed. Today I bought new thermal paste, applied it to the CPU and heatsink, put everything back together, and this is the test run.

I have Opera open with multiple tabs, including Youtube and World of Warcraft is open. (Although, it’s stuck on “Success! [Cancel]” for some reason.) CPU temperature is sitting between 40 and 45°C. Yay, easily solvable hardware problems!


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