This is a blip post about the terminology I will try to remember to use in the future. Also, I intend to mix in other ‘blip’ posts when I find something funny or interesting but don’t have a lot to say to expand on the subject. I have the feeling that a lot of these will be random WoW screenshots.

At the top of this page, the term is ‘LGBT+’, and it’s the term that I planned on using for this blog and other places on the internet. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and the + is meant for all the other letters that you could tack on. I’ve seen people put A(sexual) or A(llies), C(urious), Q(uestioning), I(ntersex), U(nsure) or U(ndecided). There are tons of variations on sexual attraction and gender expression.

Personally, I don’t see the necessity in differentiating Lesbians and Gay men, as ‘gay’ sort of encompasses anyone attracted to the same sex. Similarly but on the other side of the board, the T which is typical in LGBT is so incredibly ambiguous that I can’t justify its use in comparison to separating female gays and male gays. By ‘ambiguous’, I mean that T can stand for transgender, transsexual, transvestite, and is also an umbrella term for other gender-variant individuals.

It is due to these reasons that I will be using the term ‘queer’ from now on. I think it’s appropriate based on the below definition. When needed, I will specify when talking about individuals or certain parts of the community. When I refer to the community as a whole, I will use the term ‘queer community’. Hopefully this is not in any way offensive to the people who don’t read my blog.





strange or odd from a conventional viewpoint (
This was not as short as I wanted it to be and I can’t make my settings normal after that quote T.T

**Update August 8th, 2013: I don’t use ‘queer’ any more, I still use ‘lgbt+’.**


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