Tauren vs. Troll

Lately, I’ve been doubting my decision however many months ago to make my druid a Troll.

Racially, I think Taurens are more beneficial. War Stomp has such a quick cast time that it’s virtually impossible to interrupt, unlike Cyclone. I wouldn’t need the Herbalism boost, since I have Enchanting and Alchemy. The added stamina would probably be helpful.

I rarely use the Troll Berserk. Usually I pop it and Tree Form to Wrath spam someone to death when we’ve killed their partner. I’ve been meaning to macro it to something, but haven’t, so it’s useless. (Now I will, when I next think of it.) The reduced stun duration is probably more beneficial than I give credit for. I just found out that we have increased health regeneration, and I had forgotten about Beast Slaying because I don’t use it.

That War Stomp is what I get stuck on. It seems to outweigh all the Troll benefits in my mind. X.x

However, I don’t think I would love my Rhyvin as much if she were Tauren. She would be big, bulky, and have a tail. I love her humanoid, feminine figure and her long ears. I love her crazy hair and her colorful beast forms, however rarely I’m in them. Liking how your character looks is important; you don’t want to play a character you don’t like.

I’m really looking forward to Transmogrification. I think I’ll be using the Relentless gear. It’s the gear I wore on my Night Elf druid back on Boulderfist, when I first fell in love with my class. My female Troll body is so similar to the Night Elf body that with the helm on, there isn’t really that much difference.

Relentless Troll

Relentless Night Elf

Relentless Tauren


**UPDATE December 9, 2013** I switched factions on my druid quite a while ago. She’s been a Night Elf since. **UPDATE**


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