“See You At The Pole!”

The school I currently attend and the school I transferred from both have this event called “See You At The Pole.” If you’ve never heard of it, SYATP is an event where assumably Christian students gather before school around a flagpole and sing/pray/whatever. Having the opinions I do about religion, I’ve never attended one of these gatherings.

During my English class this week, a fellow student asked me if I wanted one of the wristbands that they’ve been handing out, “since [I’m] so open-minded.” I politely declined, adding that my mind was once open to religion, but I no longer feel the need. He tried pushing the issue.

I went along with him, asking when the event was and what they do there. (It’s at 6:30 a.m. next Wednesday and they sing/pray.) I told him I wake up at 6:30 and could definitely not come. No, I would not like a wristband anyway. “It’s art.” So? I make art; I’m not impressed by art.

There are also posters around the school for the event. I see a lot of people with the wristbands on, even some that I know are atheist-ish. They’re pushing this issue with more non-religious people than just me.

I’m feeling a little like this is unethical and inappropriate. Yes, you are entitled to your religion. Yes, you are entitled to free speech and assembly. You’re certainly entitled to ask people to attend. However, this is a government establishment. It’s not in the Constitution that religion and government must be separate, but it does say that government has no place in religion. I’m of the opinion that the two must be mutually exclusive.

To me, this isn’t the same as the student-led club FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). That club does nothing with the student body, and one rarely hears more about it than “FCA meeting in the gym commons today” on the announcements. This is a Christian event, led by Christians and held outside a Christian church. And they’re advertising it, even pushing it on members of the student body.

Go ahead and gather, Christers. Leave me and my lack of beliefs out of it. Quit waving your religious prick in my face. From what I can tell, your following is becoming a joke among more and more of us.


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