Yesterday I got my Paladin, Winnerface, to level 85. During the leveling process she was Holy spec, and at 80 I bought dual spec and made her Protection. Jewelcrafting is currently at level 490 and mining is maxed out.

I’m still relatively unsure of what to do with this toon now that she’s at max level. (That’s three 85s, by the way.) I think I’m going to be PvP Holy and PvE Prot. I would really enjoy a PvP Prot also, but I’m quite good at healing, even if I dislike it to a certain extent.

Rhyvin is now fully decked out in Vicious Gladiator’s gear, with Ruthless chest, cloak, and bracers. I haven’t really made a solid attempt to gear my Priest, Ryven, but I would like to at some point. It would be fantastic to have three fully-geared 85s, especially three healers with DPS offspecs and a tank. I would literally be able to do anything at that point. XD

Archaeology is a pain, but I want that Vial of the Sands recipe so badly. It gives me a reason to save up my gold. (I have 8449 across all my toons as I look at Titan Panel.) I usually spend it or give it to Degon almost immediately after acquiring it. The most I’ve had is 5k, and it goes to Flying training pretty much every time.

Alright, I’m off to do Molten Front dailies and the profession discoveries/dailies.


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