Rhyvin of the Nightfall

Yesterday, a few guildies and myself did three-drake Obsidian Sanctum. I got the title ‘of the Nightfall’ and Degon got the black drake. We 5-manned three-drake OS. I’m pretty astounded, because even with a semi-solid core group, we couldn’t do three-drake on Boulderfist in our old guild in WotLK. The difference between 80 and 85 is insane. I’m probably more affected by it than most veteran players because I only started in WotLK.

PvP! When buying PvP gear, or any gear for that matter, I always buy the most expensive things first and work my way down. This weekend, I knocked out all the 1650 Honor gear and will start with the 1250s next weekend. Bracers, cloak, neck, and rings are all I need. I’ll also buy my relic for 700 H.

I decided this weekend to respec my Feral Combat spec to Restoration. I also decided that the set bonuses weren’t different enough to buy new gear for Resto. I’m currently designing a set of gear that I can use for either Resto or Boomkin. Pretty much I just need to vary up the Spirit vs. Critical Strike Rating. And stack Haste. Healing battlegrounds was incredibly fun. HoTs for everybody!

Loremaster is something that requires more time and patience than I have, so I think doing Archaeology is what I’ll be spending my between-BG time doing. After dailies, of course, and more about that in a moment. My Alchemy is at 518, so close to being done. Transmutes are what will level me the most easily right now, but I don’t have a toon with Mining high enough to produce free gems of Cata-quality. I might have to work on my Paladin for a little just for that. If I can quickly/easily max out Archaeology, I can get Vial of the Sands, which is apparently the new hot commodity for Alchemists.

Dailies! I have determined that doing Twilight Highlands dailies is pretty much a waste of time. They’re more time consuming than most of the alternatives, and don’t give as much gold. Instead of those five, I’ve been doing the six dailies that are available when your faction controls Tol Barad. I finally discovered them and they are great. It’s relatively quick, and easy since I do all my dailies with Degon. That’s 12 Tol Barad dailies, 4 Argent Tournament dailies (which will soon be 7), 3 Shadowvault dailies (which I will not do after expanding the Argent ones), and 6 Sons of Hodir dailies.
I might put the Hodir ones on hold for the sake of another faction’s reputation. I’m already exalted with Hodir.

So, next weekend we will be staying for a week since the semester is over on Friday. I will be working toward getting my honor gear filled out, doing dailies (i.e. making gold), maxing out Alchemy and Enchanting, and raising Archaeology. Degon will probably want to do Arenas with me for Conquest points after I’ve geared out. And then my weapon!


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