Four Set

This is going to be like a series of status updates because gearing Rhyvin is the most important thing going on right now.

I did random battlegrounds for the majority of the weekend this time. Alterac Valley was the Call to Arms, and I HATE that BG, so the second time I got it I took the deserter debuff rather than being in AV for an hour. 15 minute deserter debuff > any AV.

Rhyvin now has a four-set of Brutal Wyrmhide gear. Helm, chest, gloves, legs. All gemmed and I’ll enchant them after questing through Vash’jir and getting all the greens there. Enchanting is an excellent profession to have for making money and getting gear advantages.

I tried coming up with things to do while waiting for the battleground queue. Dailies are really great, and I’ve figured out that all my favorite dailies from WotLK give the same–if not more–gold as the new Cata dailies.

There are six dailies in Tol Barad, which will become less and less tedious as I gain more PvP gear and can actually fight back when I’m attacked. I think there are five dailies in Twilight Highlands that I enjoy doing. I’m just now able to champion for the trolls at the Argent Tournament, so I have four dailies I can do there. (I need to start the Black Knight stuff, but I’m too lazy to go to Silverpine apparently.) There are three or four dailies at the Shadowvault that I love. And then there are six Hodir dailies. I think that’s 24, unless I miscounted something, which is totally possible because I’ve listed all that from memory.

Next weekend we’ll be able to play again, and then the next weekend we’ll have internet for roughly a week. I plan on doing dailies in the BG queue first thing every day and then chipping away at the Loremaster tasks by completing a bunch of lower level quests that won’t do much else for me. I would be leveling Alchemy in the meantime, but I’d have to farm herbs on my Priest, and wouldn’t be able to be in the queue. I won’t pay for herbs I could easily farm… Especially WotLK herbs, since that’s around where my Alchemy is.

I look forward to Battle for Gilneas or Twin Peaks being Call to Arms. I enjoy those two new ones very much. Random!~


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