85 Troll Druid

I succeeded in getting my Rhyvin to 85 this past weekend. I’m so very happy about it, too! Questing through Northrend was agonizing, even though I’ve only done it four or five times. I don’t think I actually finished any of the zones; instead, I got to the next highest level for a zone and moved on. Theoretically, the experience gained would be better that way.

Storm Peaks is always a favorite zone of mine. The only irritating part is having to fly up to the top of the Temple of Storms to talk to Thorim. The Hodir quest chains and dailies are always awesome. I love Thrusting Hodir’s Spear, the quest where you take the Hodir Spear and take down a wild wyrm. Incredibly fun!The entire time I quested in Northrend, I was a feral kitty in a full set of level 70 PvP gear. None of the quest gear was better than mine, which was excellent for my Enchanting. As soon as I began questing in Mount Hyjal, I started taking Int gear for my PvP Boomkin spec. I’m now in blues and greens of all Int gear. I only have 403 Honor, so when I next play I’ll be doing battlegrounds over and over.

This past weekend’s Call to Arms was Arathi Basin, my favorite battleground, but I was so focused on leveling through quests that I only did two or three.

I got the Coming Down the Mountain achievement for Hyjal, then started in Deepholm. I believe I got Deep Into Deepholm there. I did some quests in Uldum, up to the questionable quests you get from Commander Schnottz. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any way offended by this, but Commander Schnottz “The Furrier” has a turkey called “Gobbles”, as someone eloquently puts on Wowhead. His nose ring looks like a little moustache, and he speaks with a German accent. Love the Hitler references, Blizz.

As soon as I hit 84, I went to Orgrimmar to take the quests for Twilight Highlands. I absolutely adore Twilight Highlands as a questing zone. I love taking quests from Garrosh at the beginning because it makes me feel special. Kind of like, “I take orders directly from Warchief Hellscream; who do you think YOU’RE fucking with?” I got Fading into Twilight in that zone and still wasn’t 85, which concerned me, but I continued following the quests and ended up leveling.

At the Crucible of Carnage, there was an Alliance group that kept starting the quest and then flying away. Apparently they couldn’t handle it. When my group showed up, they all tried to stand on top of the quest giver–assumably trying to get us to accidentally attack them. It was humorous for me because I was in Flight Form, and if you right-click enemies in Flight Form it gives you an error message “You cannot attack while pacified”. Lulz for me.

My next 85 will probably be my 74 Holy Paladin. My partner, Degon, and I were playing DK/Druid (Druid was me) at level 70 for PvP gear. When I began leveling again, he left the DK at 70, and then I started my Pally. I got her to 70, ground battlegrounds for a full set of PvP gear, and now we’re leveling them as a PvP team. His Death Knight is male, called Loserface and is in a tanking Blood spec. My Paladin is female, called Winnerface, and is a healer. We made them opposites because they compliment each other so well. I whip his ass when we duel. :D

I look forward to Typhooning people off of Lumber Mill over and over. =]


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