Homophobia at Wichita East HS

Okay, I find this to be incredibly ridiculous. I first found this article on Change.org. It’s an editorial written by student Colin Johnson at Wichita East High School. I’ll give you a couple quotes and a link so you can read the whole article.

The general flavor of the article goes like this, “It is rare to see that kind of passion between two girls or two guys in public, and when it is seen, it often unnerves students and makes them feel uncomfortable. This is especially common among the younger high school population, most likely freshmen, who are not used to witnessing anything like that.”

And here’s some more: “These relationships just are not normal. One thing to notice is that there is legislation against homosexual marriage. However, there are no legislative restrictions to same sex dating. Dating does often lead to marriage, so same sex dating should be frowned upon.”

WHAT?! Here’s a link so you can read it for yourself, but seriously, this kid starts off saying that homosexual PDA makes kids uncomfortable, while it’s okay for straights to be as public as they want. He tries to use the fact that there’s no gay marriage to back up a point that gays shouldn’t even  If you continue reading the article, he actually whips out the Leviticus and basically says that homosexuals should be killed.
He takes a shot at the GSA at one point, and wraps it up saying that homosexual relationships are too much of a distraction for students to perform effectively.

Wow. This is a high schooler. I’ve never personally been on a high school newspaper staff, but isn’t there, say, an ADULT who reads the articles and can revoke them if deemed inappropriate? How did this ‘editorial’ even make it past that person? The student comments following the article indicate outrage just within their student body.

As leader of the GSA at my school, I feel it’s my responsibility to write a nice little letter to the Journalism department over at Wichita East. Seriously, Kansas gets enough crap as a red, Republican state. We have the Westboro people in Topeka, which is the most embarrassing thing about living here, in my opinion. Just one more cherry on top of the crap sundae known as Kansas.


One thought on “Homophobia at Wichita East HS

  1. That is disappointing to see in a youth. It speaks leagues about the teachings/upbringings he had. As someone with a background in journalism, there is a certain amount of grey area when it comes to being able to speak freely about your opinion, even if your opinion is unpopular, but this sounds like it definitely crosses the line of what is acceptable open discussion. At least the student body was/is suitably angry about his comments.Regardless, whoever is in charge of their newspaper/journalism department should really have some explaining to do. >:\


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