Females and World of Warcraft

For my first post, I would just like to say that this blog will probably not be as great as Orcish Army Knife, but I’ll certainly try my best.

Speaking of Orcish Army Knife, I’ve heard a lot of people say that there aren’t many–if any–females who play WoW. I don’t know if it’s because of this apparent rarity that most of the well-known WoW players are chicks or what. I’m not positive about this, but I think Rades over at OAK is a girl. (Please, for the love of Light, correct me if I’m wrong.) A lot of the things/ways she writes indicate to me that this is so, but I’ll accept it if I’m wrong.

Then, there’s EmberIsolte. While it’s unfortunate that she’s Alliance, she’s still a chick. I absolutely adore her parodies, namely Altoholic and I’m Undead. I was a little disappointed with the sound quality of I’m Undead, but she’s not really Forsaken. She’s a Draenei. Can’t really blame her for the lack of effort.

There are probably more infamous female WoWers that I can’t call to mind at the moment, but I’d like to take a second to talk about a well-known male player. Does anyone remember Ryutarou of Tarou WoW Guides? He did the walk-throughs of ICC on YouTube. As far as I know, his main was a Tauren Balance Druid in a guild with a funny name on (I believe it was) Arthas. After downing the sixth boss and needing help for the next, I went looking for him on Wowarmory.com for the umpteenth time. I couldn’t find him at all, and thought he might have namechanged or something. However, I just found an 85 Troll Balance Druid under the name of Tarou and the guild name Tarou WoW Guides. Same guy? I hope so, he was an amazing PvE Druid. He was a great help and inspiration to me back when I rolled Boomkin.

Well, no one is reading this, so I’ll go ahead and wrap it up. Hopefully I get some followers at some point.


One thought on “Females and World of Warcraft

  1. Hi Rhyvin, Rades here! Thanks for the comment and nice mention here on your post, I appreciate it. :D I'm not actually female though. ;) (No worries, it's such a hard thing to determine online.) Mind if I ask what gave you that impression? You mentioned writing style and I'm always curious what people think of my posts.Peace!


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